November 2012

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The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force builds the power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community from the ground up. The Task Force is the country's premier social justice organization fighting to improve the lives of LGBT people, and working to create positive, lasting change and opportunity for all.

Election 2012 Is a Turning Point for LGBT Equality in America
Connecting the Dots Between Our Creating Change Conference and Election Victories

There isn't much time for Congress to pass the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization bill, which includes explicit LGBT protections for the first time. We've got less than 30 days before it expires and will have to be redrafted in January. Tell Congress to work out its differences and pass VAWA now, before they go home for the holidays!

Alyssa Samek supports the Task Force by being one of our Change Agents. She does it because she says the Task Force is "fighting for my civil rights. They've been doing it for 40 years. As someone who studies lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history, I've found that the Task Force has been connecting LGBT communities around common progressive issues consistently over those years." Thanks, Alyssa. We appreciate you and all of our wonderful members. Why don't you become a Change Agent yourself?
We're not only glad, we're ecstatic about what happened on election night. We had milestone marriage victories in four states: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. Voters are sending a record number of women to the U.S. Senate, including Tammy Baldwin, the first openly lesbian senator. And of course we can't forget that voters re-elected the most pro-LGBT equality president in our history. This is just the beginning; check out our report on how the 2012 presidential election will impact the LGBT policy agenda in the coming years.
Elaine Noble was elected to the Massachusetts state House of Representatives in November 1974, after a campaign that she described as "very ugly," and included her campaign headquarters having its windows broken. But this victory made her the first openly LGBT candidate elected to a United States state-level office. Representative Noble was part of the first delegation of lesbians and gay men who were invited to the White House in 1977 to discuss LGBT rights. This meeting had been organized by The Task Force with President Jimmy Carter's assistant, Midge Costanza.
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