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We just wrapped the best Creating Change Conference EVER!
Help fight the FDA's blood ban for gay and bisexual men

The California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional is great news, but it doesn't mean that the fight for equality is over — far from it. The federal government refuses to recognize our families, because the ridiculously named "Defense of Marriage" Act is still the law. And as long as it is law, thousands of same-sex couples and their families are denied the protections and rights that straight married couples take for granted. Let's use this victory as a spark to drive our fight and demand that the feds recognize all our relationships. Take action to repeal DOMA now!

Valentine's Day is almost here, but don't panic if you haven't gotten anything for the special people in your life yet. We've got the perfect gift — and you don't even have to get up. Just go online and make a gift to the Task Force in someone's name. It's completely easy and we're sure it'll really make someone's day. Plus you get to let friends and family know about the important work the Task Force is doing. We have a selection of cards just for Valentine's Day, so what are you waiting for?

Leon Braxton is Executive Director of the LGBT Center of St. Louis, and here's why he became a Change Agent: "I joined the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force at Creating Change because I thought it was an important thing to do. It's important to support an organization that does so much for LGBT equality in every single state. After meeting so many hard working people from the movement from all over the USA and hearing the inspiring messages of the awesome speakers, I knew I had to join the Task Force and become a Change Agent. Creating Change ROCKED!!!" Thanks Leon, we hope your words encourage other people to become Change Agents!

78 Years Ago February 1934
Audre Lorde, self-described "black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet," was born on February 18, 1934. She wrote her first poem in eighth grade, and during the 60s her poetry was published regularly. She also became active in the civil rights, anti-war and feminist movements — although she was often at odds with many white feminists of the day. Lorde co-founded Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press in 1980, the first publisher for women of color, and she was State Poet of New York from 1991–1992. Unfortunately Lorde succumbed to cancer on November 17, 1992, when she was only 58 years old.
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Sue Lee Troutman
Director of Individual Giving

Sue Lee says "I love books!" She tends to read more than one book at once, and always has a pile of books-to-read-next in her living room. Sue Lee says she even owns books that she hasn't gotten a chance to read yet, but will someday. Take a look and see what books she's reading right now. More ›

Marta Alvarado
Conference and Meetings Manager
In addition to her usual duties at the Task Force, Marta also functions as assistant conference director for the Task Force's Creating Change conference. That means she was super busy the last two weeks in January! One of the things that helped get her through the Creating Change crunch was music. See if any of the songs in her playlist are the same ones that motivate you.  More ›

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