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Victories for workers and reproductive freedom in Election 2011
"Voices Rising Across America" — Rea Carey in Huffington Post

We're always glad after our Miami Recognition Dinner takes place, but this year we're estactic because it was our most successful dinner EVER! We not only gave awards to very deserving recipients Georg Ketelhohn and Ben Cohen, but "The L Word" actress and legend, Pam Grier, made a special appearance. As always, all combined net proceeds from the Miami Recognition Dinner and the upcoming Winter Party Festival benefit organizations serving the Miami-Dade LGBT community.

Tim Legg and Doug Wingo say they "support the Task Force because of their comprehensive, progressive, big tent approach to LGBT equality. Its movement-building work on both the grassroots level and the national level is creating short and long-term change that affects our daily lives as gay people, bringing more folks into our still on-going struggle against homophobic people and laws." Tim and Doug are also monthly donors (Change Agents), and they encourage you to become one too, because monthly giving "...allows us to give more painlessly and to feel like we're constantly engaged in the fight."

13 Years Ago November 1998
November 20 is the 13th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Transgender and gender non-conforming people continue to face rampant discrimination in every area of their lives, from school to home, from health to even how they're treated by the police. Transgender people continue to be murdered for simply being who they are, and the Transgender Day of Remembrance was created to memorialize them. We'll remember them on November 20, and vow to keep up the fight against hatred and prejudice.

Have you really come out? You might think you have, but without information that identifies our community, LGBT people are invisible in the eyes of our government. That's why we're telling the federal government that it's time to count EVERYONE. We're campaigning to change the Census in future years to make sure it includes questions that identify LGBT individuals, not just couples. It's more than just the Census — we need all the yearly surveys the government conducts to do this as well. Make sure you're counted!
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