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HIV/AIDS has taken more than a half million lives in the U.S., with more dying each day. In this joint commentary in The Advocate, we talk about reviving the community conversation on HIV/AIDS.

The Task Force is grateful to all our donors who are naming us in their estate plans. This month we salute Rachel Hurst, who is providing for the Task Force in her will. Rachel will continue to support the Task Force after her death because "the training I've gotten from the Task Force means I am an effective organizer for LGBT equality. I owe the Task Force so much for the opportunities it's given me to lead and to grow." If you'd like to name the Task Force in your will, call Cynde Horne, assistant director of major gifts, at 646.358.1473.

5 Years Ago: October 2005
The Task Force joins the nation in mourning the Oct. 24 death of Rosa Parks, 92, saying her "quiet activism inspired the tens of thousands who recognized her individual act as a broader symbol against racism, segregation and the contemptible Jim Crow laws that long tarnished our nation. ... Rosa Parks' legacy will live on for generations, providing inspiration for all those striving to extinguish the inequalities that continue to plague us, from racial and economic injustices to discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people."

From ENDA to safe schools to marriage equality, this year's elections will have an enormous impact on vital issues affecting the LGBT community. We can be powerful at the polls, but only if we choose to engage this November. Your vote is your voice! Pledge to fight until full equality is won for LGBT people everywhere. Pledge to vote.
Traveling? Collect your own miles while helping the Task Force! When making a reservation on AA.com/rainbow or with a travel agent, give them our Business ExtrAA account number, 527583, and earn valuable points for the Task Force. Plus, you'll still earn your own miles.

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