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We held our California Power Summit this past weekend!
We continue to be at the forefront of LGBT aging work.

The Task Force is united in the call to end Arizona's unjust immigration law. On June 7, we released a joint statement with other LGBT groups and allies denouncing the law and spotlighting the grave consequences of the measure: "the inevitability of racial profiling and infringement of civil liberties; the strong probability of violence and harassment against individuals and their families; and the reversal of progress toward creating a more inclusive society."

Ivan Cano is one of the many things to love about Miami Beach. A member of the Winter Party Executive Committee, he makes sure the events sparkle, recruiting stunning dancers and performers for the Beach Party and our dance events. As general manager of The Palace, he throws "Brunchic" fundraisers for the Task Force all year, complete with fabulous drag queens. And, at the drop of a sequin, Ivan tells everyone how valuable Winter Party Festival is for the entire Miami community. We love ALL of that!

7 Years Ago: June 26, 2003
The Task Force celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court's Lawrence v. Texas decision striking down sodomy laws across the country, which had classified LGBT people as criminals for several generations. In 1986, the Task Force had launched the Privacy Project, the first national education and advocacy campaign to repeal consensual sodomy laws, following the Supreme Court's infamous 1986 Bowers v. Hardwick decision.

Help us get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) passed this year! If you experienced employment discrimination or were fired from your job because of sexual orientation or gender identity we want to hear from you! Go here to share your personal story.
Traveling? Collect your own miles while helping the Task Force! When making a reservation on AA.com/rainbow or with a travel agent, give them our Business ExtrAA account number, 527583, and earn valuable points for the Task Force. Plus, you'll still earn your own miles.

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