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Winter Party is way more than a party, it's a party with a purpose.

It's been a good few days on the marriage equality front. Same-sex couples in D.C. began applying for marriage licenses on March 3, while a week earlier Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler issued a legal opinion stating that marriages of same-sex couples validly entered into in other jurisdictions may be recognized by state agencies.
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Laura Hart is a transgender activist and superstar volunteer. She sat in our D.C. office and went through thousands of signatures on an anti-transgender ballot referendum in Montgomery County, Md., to knock out fraudulent ones. Laura now manages the database and organizational updates for the United ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) coalition and visits Capitol Hill to speak with lawmakers about ENDA. We join Equality Maryland and the Mautner Project, where Laura also donates her time and talents, as organizations that couldn't be more grateful for her support. Thank you, Laura!

11 Years Ago: March 1999
The Task Force and Federation of LGBT Statewide Political Organizations (now the Equality Federation) launch "Equality Begins at Home," the first-ever campaign of LGBT equality actions in all 50 states. "Equality Begins at Home" marks one of the largest political actions in the history of the LGBT rights movement, with activists in every state plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico organizing hundreds of actions addressing issues like anti-LGBT discrimination and violence.

We're hearing that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will be scheduled for a committee vote in March or April, and it's critical that you contact your elected officials to express your support. We're closer than ever to getting workplace discrimination protections for all LGBT people passed in the House. Text "ENDA" to 69866 to be connected to your representative. Your calls will make a huge difference. Even if you think your representative is supportive or if you've called before, it's still important to call now!

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