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Outing Age 2010 shines spotlight on LGBT aging
Task Force a leading voice on murder of gay teen in Puerto Rico

Dec. 1 marked Annual World AIDS Day, and the Task Force continues to call for a stronger federal response to combat HIV/AIDS, especially in communities of color. Despite the progress that's been made, it's still not enough.
Learn more about our work on HIV/AIDS.

Board member Mario Guerrero is a man on the move. After completing his MPA at Cornell University, Mario recently returned to his home state of California for a job in Sacramento and has already co-hosted a successful fundraiser there for the Task Force. He's a consistent booster for the organization, creating change and raising money wherever he goes. With barely a year's tenure on our board, Mario's generous donation of time and treasure means a great deal to us. Thanks, Mario!

7 Years Ago: December 2002
The Task Force announced its opposition to what was then a possibly impending war against Iraq by joining "Keep America Safe: Win Without War," a diverse coalition of major progressive groups, including the NAACP, NOW, Move On, Sierra Club, the National Council of Churches, and many others. This new group asked elected officials to support U.S. action designed to meet global challenges with an emphasis on peace, strong alliances and international consensus.

In the coming weeks, the fate of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will be decided. There's been a delay in the House of Representatives taking ENDA up in committee, so it's critical that your elected officials hear from you TODAY. We must ensure that all LGBT people are protected from workplace discrimination once and for all. Text "ENDA09" to 69866 to be connected to your representative. Your phone calls will make a huge difference. Even if you think your representative is supportive or if you've called before, it's still important to call now!

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