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Election 2009 brings victory in Kalamazoo & Washington.
It's time to pass ENDA now!

Our community has scored the first LGBT-inclusive federal law. The Task Force was on hand at the White House the day federal hate crimes legislation was signed.
Learn more about our work on hate crimes.

Charlene Strong is a longtime Task Force donor and founder of the Kate Fleming Memorial Internship in Movement Storytelling, an annual internship at the Task Force in honor of her late partner. Strong is a fierce advocate for LGBT rights and legal recognitions for committed same-sex couples and is the focus of For My Wife, a documentary that humanizes the struggle for LGBT equality through the story of Kate and Charlene. Thank you, Charlene, for all you do.  More ›

9 Years Ago: November 2000
The Task Force's Policy Institute issued two new reports: a groundbreaking analysis of the lives of LGBT seniors called Outing Age, and Legislating Equality, a comprehensive study of laws addressing LGBT equality. Both of these have served as invaluable tools for many people, including activists, journalists and policymakers. The Policy Institute will soon be releasing an updated version of Outing Age, so be on the lookout.

Tell Congress to pass ENDA now! The Task Force Action Fund has been at the forefront of the long fight to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), and most recently submitted testimony to the U.S. Senate & House committees hearing the bill. We're getting very close to an ENDA victory, but we need everybody's help to make it a reality.
Here's how you can have your voice heard.

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Sarah Kennedy
Interactive Media Coordinator

If you thought The L Word was the start of over-the-top queer girl drama, Sarah will prove you wrong by pulling out her collection of 1950s pulp fiction by Ann Bannon. I Am a Woman is the second in Bannon's Beebo Brinker Chronicles.... More ›

Marta Alvarado
Program Coordinator

What's Creating Change maven Marta listening to while pulling together the LGBT movement's largest conference? (Don't forget to register!) Find out by checking out her playlist. More ›

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