National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Weekly Update
February 27, 2009

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Working toward a real economic recovery
A queerer than queer Oscar night
Task Force speaks out at NYC rally involving arrests
Task Force staffer recognized for work on transgender rights issues


Working toward a real economic recovery

As the country struggles to pull itself out of this economic crisis, Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey calls for a real economic recovery that is LGBT-inclusive and ensures that all people are given an equitable chance to thrive and contribute their full selves, talents and skills to their families, communities and country.

“Beyond the myth of large incomes and large living are the real stories of our lives. LGBT people, already vulnerable and unprotected by most anti-discrimination employment laws and marriage laws, take multiple hits as large and small employers cut jobs, community-based nonprofits are forced to eliminate services and programs, and small mom-and-mom and pop-and-pop businesses shut doors. ... This is just the beginning of a long haul back to a healthy, robust economy and society. Over the weeks and months ahead, the Task Force will continue advocating for an economic recovery that is fair, humane and inclusive.”
— Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey

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A queerer than queer Oscar night

Task Force Creating Change Director Sue Hyde talks personally and poignantly about the acceptance speeches of Dustin Lance Black and Sean Penn, who received Oscars for their work in the film Milk.

“Beyond fashion, this year’s Oscar presentations hit new thresholds of significance for me and for every queer in America. Bookended by an emotional message of support and love to LGBT youth and a firm and unwavering commitment to equality for all, Dustin Lance Black and Sean Penn won my heart forever,” she writes.

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Task Force speaks out at NYC rally involving arrests

Task Force staff took to the streets Saturday, Feb. 21, to protest the recent arrests of gay and bisexual men at adult establishments. The demonstration literally took place in the shadow of where the 1969 Stonewall riots occurred.

The Task Force’s Jose Lugaro, a speaker at the rally, shouted to the crowd: “Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly, let me remind you that at Stonewall we learned how to fight back.”

An estimated 150 people attended the protest, which was organized over concerns that gay and bisexual men were being profiled and their sexuality under attack by law enforcement.

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Task Force staffer recognized for work on transgender rights issues

Task Force Transgender Civil Rights Project Director Lisa Mottet was recently honored with a prestigious Trinity Award for her outstanding service to the transgender community over the last seven years.

Mottet heads up the Task Force’s Transgender Civil Rights Project, which works to pass legislation prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and expression, as well as other transgender-friendly laws and policies.

“The Trinity Awards honor our heroes ... [those] persons who have performed extraordinary acts of courage and love in service to the transgender community, and this year’s winners exemplify those traits in every way,” said Yvonne Cook-Riley, chair of the International Foundation for Gender Education’s Awards Committee.

Gunner Scott, director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, and Spencer Bergstedt, an attorney in Washington state, were also honored. Congrats to all!

Caption: Lisa Mottet (right) and Task Force board member Hawk Stone, who also spoke at the awards ceremony.

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