National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Weekly Update
October 15, 2008

In the News:

Task Force hails Connecticut marriage ruling
Support desperately needed now to preserve
      the freedom to marry in California
Miami Recognition Dinner this Saturday!


Task Force hails Connecticut marriage ruling

The Task Force hailed the Connecticut Supreme Court’s recent ruling granting the freedom to marry to same-sex couples. The Task Force Foundation in part provided Love Makes a Family with a two-year grant to hire its first-ever marriage equality organizer in 2004, which enabled the group to launch a marriage organizing project that trained hundreds of volunteers to talk with Connecticut voters face to face about marriage equality.

“This is a momentous victory for the people of Connecticut and all Americans who hold fairness as a fundamental value. The high court’s analysis comes down to this simple yet profound principle: All of Connecticut’s families deserve and need the protections, rights and responsibilities that support and sustain them, and should be treated equally under the law.”
Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey

[ Read the full statement ]


Support desperately needed now to preserve the freedom to marry in California

The latest tracking polls in California show that if the election was held today among voters who have seen No on 8 ads and the other side’s ads, we would win! Unfortunately, our side (No on 8) doesn’t have sufficient funds to get our ads seen by all the voters who can stand with fairness. So it’s that simple: Without more funds, we’ll lose. But we can win if we have enough money to reach voters. So please donate now!

A powerful array of motivated groups has organized against us. A recent Sacramento Bee article reported that “Mormons ... have emerged as the leading financial contributors to the controversial Nov. 4 ballot measure. Church members have donated about 40 percent of the $22.8 million raised to pass the initiative since July.”

In addition, it’s unfortunate that only 30,000 people have donated to the No on 8 campaign compared to the 60,000 who have donated to the other side. In a state with about 2 million LGBT people, in a country with millions more and tens of millions of straight allies, we have to get everyone to support this fight. If every LGBT person donates we can win!

The Sacramento Bee also reported on the sacrifices being made by members of the Yes on 8 campaign: “That’s why Auburn resident David Nielson, 55, is giving ... He and his wife, Susan, live on a budget. The couple donated $35,000, he said, ‘because some things are worth fighting for.’ The couple will forgo a vacation for the next two years and make other sacrifices to pay for their donation, he said.”

How much will you sacrifice for your own freedom? What is your equality worth to your friends and family? We are running out of time. Please donate now!


Miami Recognition Dinner this Saturday!

It’s the biggest night of the year in Miami! The 12th Annual Miami Recognition Dinner is this Saturday, Oct. 18. With a fabulous silent auction (cruises, couture, fabulous furnishings and more — check out the preview here) and the chance to mix, mingle and raise money for local LGBT organizations and the Task Force, you really have to be there. Online ticket sales end Friday, Oct. 17, at 6 p.m. so go to or call 305.571.1924 right now and make sure you’re part of this wonderful evening.


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