May 30, 2006

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Task Force condemns state-sanctioned attacks at Moscow Gay Pride
Community mourns loss of Dr. Fritz Klein
Celebrating D.C. Black Pride
In the States


Task Force condemns state-sanctioned attacks at Moscow Gay Pride

Acting to enforce Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's ban on the city's first-ever Gay Pride March, perhaps as many as 100 lesbian and gay participants were arrested by police, including Nicolas Alexeyev, principal organizer.

[ The Task Force responds ]

Mourning the loss of Dr. Fritz Klein, pioneer of the bisexual movement

The Task Force mourns the death of Dr. Fritz Klein, leader and pioneer of the bisexual movement. He died on May 24 at the age of 73.

Dr. Klein is best known for groundbreaking sex research and as a tireless activist for bisexual issues and the bisexual community. Early on, he realized that there was little knowledge about bisexuality and in 1974 he placed an ad in the Village Voice for a meeting that resulted in the creation in New York of the "Bisexual Forum." In 1978 he wrote The Bisexual Option and also co-authored: Man, His Body, His Sex. Dr. Klein moved to San Diego where he founded that city's "Bisexual Forum" in 1982, wrote several books, and founded and became Editor of The Journal of Bisexuality. In 1998, he founded the American Institute of Bisexuality and served as Chairman of the Board up until his death.

He is survived by his life partner, Tom Reise of San Diego. He chose to donate his body to science. A celebration of his life is being planned.

[ Learn more about Dr. Fritz Klein ]

Celebrating D.C. Black Pride

Over a hot Memorial Day weekend, the Task Force participated in D.C. Black Pride as a sponsor and an exhibitor. The Task Force staffed a booth during the day-long festival in downtown Washington, D.C., where people signed up for the Task Force mailing list and filled out a survey for the Task Force Policy Institute on LGBT community priorities. Everyone loved the Task Force fans with the messages “Action is Hot” and “Power is Sexy.” (The fans came in handy on such a hot day!) Look for the Task Force this weekend at Pride celebrations in Kansas City, Detroit and Austin.

In the States

Task Force capacity building partner Kentucky Fairness Alliance (KFA) has big plans for Pride 2006! KFA is taking the first steps toward its mission to pass a statewide fairness law in five years. To accomplish that goal, it must succeed with massive public education, and Pride festivals are a great place to meet allies.
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