Task Force lobbying organization gets new name, new look, new Web site: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund

December 17, 2007

Roberta Sklar, Communications Director
(Office) 646.358.1465
(Cell) 917.704.6358

WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 — NGLTF, Inc., the politically oriented and lobbying sister organization of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation, has a new name: the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund.

NGLTF, Inc., was incorporated in 1974 as a political and lobbying organization and, accordingly, contributions to it were not tax deductible. A second educational, advocacy and nonpolitical organization was subsequently founded, now the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation.

The direct and grassroots lobbying organization — the “Inc.” — has a long and proud history of success. It was the first organization to hire a full-time lobbyist to work exclusively on issues affecting the gay community and the first lobbyist on HIV/AIDS issues. It successfully lobbied the U.S. Civil Service Commission for a ruling allowing gay people to serve in government employment; won a reversal of an IRS policy denying tax-exempt status to pro-gay organizations; obtained the first funding by the federal government for community-based AIDS service organizations; and helped ensure that HIV/AIDS was included in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In recent years, the “Inc.” has taken on more work both in fighting state and local anti-LGBT ballot initiatives with the creation of our Public Policy and Government Affairs department three years ago.

With four registered federal lobbyists and two staff lawyers with state and federal legislative expertise, the new department has re-asserted the Task Force’s political and progressive voice on Capitol Hill and in our work with states across the country.

The Inc.’s recent leadership around the Employment Non-Discrimination Act proved the value of that investment. All of this underscored the need to have a name clearly distinguishable from the foundation.

Visit the new Task Force Action Fund Web site. For more information about the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation, go here.


The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, founded in 1974 as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Inc., works to build the grassroots political power of the LGBT community to win complete equality. We do this through direct and grassroots lobbying to defeat anti-LGBT ballot initiatives and legislation and pass pro-LGBT legislation and other measures. We also analyze and report on the positions of candidates for public office on issues of importance to the LGBT community. The Task Force Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation incorporated in New York. Contributions to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund are not tax deductible.