National faith leaders to hold April 27 vigil in D.C. in support of effort to stop the export of homophobia by U.S. evangelists

April 26, 2010

Pedro Julio Serrano,,
Ann Craig, craig@glaadorg,

WASHINGTON, April 26 — The Bishops and Elders Council of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which is convening this week in Washington, D.C., will hold a noontime vigil, Tuesday, April 27, to support Ugandan lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Uganda is considering the proposed “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” which would make homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment or even death. Leaders from across the world have expressed outrage at this measure. There has been criticism of some U.S. evangelicals, such as anti-LGBT and anti-abortion extremist Lou Engle of The Call Ministries, who are accused of exporting homophobia to Uganda. Engle is slated to go to Uganda on May 2 for The Call Uganda, a mass evangelical stadium rally.

What: Vigil of clergy in robes and stoles will speak out in support of LGBT people in Uganda and challenge the export of homophobia by U.S. evangelicals.

When: Tuesday, April 27, noon

Where: National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Circle, NW, Washington, D.C.

Who: Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, Faith Work Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; Bishop Yvette Flunder, Presiding Bishop,The Fellowship; Rev. Nancy L. Wilson, Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches; Rev. Roland Stringfellow, Baptist Minister & Director of Welcoming Churches CLGS; and Harry Knox, Director of Religion & Faith Program, Human Rights Campaign.


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