Task Force Calls Senator John Kerry’s Remarks on Marriage Equality ‘Wrong’ and ‘a Mistake’

May 06, 2005

Roberta Sklar, Director of Communications

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Calls Senator John Kerry's Remarks on Marriage Equality "Wrong" and "a Mistake"

"While speaking at a children's health care forum in Louisiana, Senator Kerry criticized the Massachusetts Democratic Party for its plans to include a plank in its platform supporting same-sex marriage, saying 'I think it's a mistake. I think it's the wrong thing, and I'm not sure it reflects the broad view of the Democratic Party in our state.'

"In fact, it is Senator Kerry's statements that are wrong, a mistake, and surely do not reflect the views of Massachussetts Democrats.

"Nearly 5,400 same-sex couples have married since last May 17, when Massachusetts extended the freedom to marry to all its citizens. Since then, public opinion polls have shown that a majority of Massachusetts voters support our freedom to marry.

"And, contrary to Sen. Kerry's assertion, support is particulary high among Democrats, with a Boston Globe poll in March finding that 71 percent of Democrats surveyed statewide said they believed same-sex marriage should be allowed. Moreover, not a single Democrat in the state legislature who supported marriage equality and voted against a proposed anti-marriage constitutional amendment lost his or her seat in the 2004 elections. The Democratic Party adding a platform plank supporting marriage equality is just a logical extension of last year's resolution by the Democratic State Committee supporting the state's Supreme Judicial Court decision finding a consitutional right of same-sex couples to marry.

"On this subject, Philip W. Johnston, chair of the state party, said, 'It is important that the state Democratic Party support civil rights. We need to take a stand.' We couldn't agree more."

Matt Foreman
Executive Director

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