Action Alert: Oppose HR 4700, Bush Welfare Reauthorization Bill

May 15, 2002


The House is expected to vote on welfare reauthorization this week. The bill that will be brought to the floor is the Responsibility, Work, and Family Promotion Act of 2002 (H.R. 4700), the final TANF (Temporary Need for Needy Families) Reauthorization bill, brought forward by House Republicans and reflecting the policies and ideas of George W. Bush.

Call your Representative immediately to tell them to VOTE NO on HR 4700, especially if you live in a key Congressional district of conservative Democrats listed below who are considering voting for this unworkable bill.

The problems with this bill are numerous. Specifically for GLBT people, it would provide funds for "healthy marriage promotion activities" and "fatherhood programs." It would continue to provide funding for abstinence-only education.


For more information on the impact of welfare reform, read the NGLTF publication "Leaving Our Children Behind: Welfare Reform and the GLBT Community" at Also, the NGLTF welfare fact sheet at

PDF of the actual bill, HR 4700:

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund has a web site that contains much information about welfare and TANF reauthorization. Visit:

The Coalition on Human Needs has in depth information about welfare and reauthorization at

Take Action

To contact your Representative's office, call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for that office. If you do not know who your representative is go to: and enter in your state and zip.


"I'm asking Representative ___ to VOTE NO on HR 4700, the Republican welfare reform bill. This bill is unworkable for states and fails to move families out of poverty. Furthermore the bill does not take into account the reality of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people."


Key Conservative Democrats to target if you live in their district:
Tom Allen, ME
Brian Baird, WA
James Barcia, MI
Shelley Berkley, NV
Marion Berry, AR
Earl Blumenauer, OR
Lois Capps, CA
Brad Carson, OK
Bob Clement, TN
Bud Cramer, AL
Susan Davis, CA
Peter Deutsch, FL
Cal Dooley, CA
ob Etheridge, NC
Harold Ford, Jr., TN
Jane Harman, CA
Baron Hill, IN
Darlene Hooley, OR
Jay Inslee, WA
Steve Israel, NY
Chris John, LA
Ron Kind, WI
John LaFalce, NY
Nick Lampson, TX
Rick Larsen, WA
John Larson, CT
Ken Lucas, KY
Bill Luther, MN
Jim Maloney, CT
Jim Matheson, UT
Carolyn McCarthy, NY
Mike McIntyre, NC
Gregory Meeks, NY
Dennis Moore, KS
Jim Moran, VA
David Phelps, IL
Mike Ross, AR
Steve Rothman, NJ
Max Sandlin, TX
Adam B. Schiff, CA
Brad Sherman, CA
Ronnie Shows, MS
Adam Smith, WA
Vic Snyder, AR
John Spratt, SC
Charles Stenholm, TX
Bart Stupak, MI
John Tanner, TN
Ellen Tauscher, CA
Mike Thompson, CA
Jim Turner, TX
Tom Udall, NM
David Wu, OR


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