NGLTF Urges Groups Nationwide To Support Colorado In ‘Undo 2 Day Of Action’ On October 9

September 21, 1995

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) is supporting the efforts of Equality Colorado, Ground Zero and other Colorado-based groups to declare Monday, October 9 "Undo 2 Day of Action." That day is the eve of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing about Colorado's anti-gay Amendment 2, which was struck down by the state Supreme Court as unconstitutional. A statewide coalition of Colorado groups is coordinating various events in Colorado on and around the day of the Supreme Court hearing. NGLTF is encouraging organizations and individuals around the country to hold events on October 9 to educate and inform local communities about the dangerous nature of Amendment 2. Organizers are also urged to consider coordinated actions on the day a ruling is handed down, sometime between January and the end of the court session in June 1996. To date, at least 17 cities outside of Colorado plan to host actions on October 9, with more sites lining up daily. Activists are using the Supreme Court hearings as an opportunity to hold vigils, teach-ins, rallies, town meetings, press conferences, and other events to educate the media and the public about Amendment 2. NGLTF has compiled an "Undo 2 Day of Action" kit to help organizers coordinate events. "Because our freedom is not won or lost at the Supreme Court, we are calling on people of conscience to hold actions on October 9 in conjunction with efforts in Colorado," said Melinda Paras, NGLTF Executive Director. Paras will be in Colorado during the time of the hearing and will participate in several town meetings, rallies and other events. "We must use the Amendment 2 case as an opportunity for our movement," said Sue Anderson, executive director of Equality Colorado and NGLTF board co-chair. "It is an opportunity to talk about equal rights. It is an opportunity to educate about discrimination. It is an opportunity to educate about the violence directed against us. And it is an opportunity to tell the truth about our lives and about our family and sexual identities. This is an opportunity that we cannot miss." "Undo 2 Day of Action" events are scheduled in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, DC, Idaho, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Louisville, Nashville, New York City, North Carolina, Portland, Rhode Island, St. Louis, San Antonio, Virginia.

For an "Undo 2 Day of Action" organizing kit, contact NGLTF field organizers Karen Bullock-Jordan at (202) 332-6483, ext. 3206 or Tracey Conaty, at (202) 332-6483, ext. 3303.


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