Task Force Lambastes Clinton For Signing DOMA Action Called ‘Discriminatory And Hypocritical’

September 23, 1996

President Clinton was sharply criticized today by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) for his signing of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The Task Force noted the irony of the President signing the discriminatory measure against gay families in the same week that the mega corporation IBM and the City of Denver acknowledged the needs of such families. NGLTF also lambasted Clinton for signing DOMA "under the cover of night."

The following statement from NGLTF on President Clinton's signing of DOMA is attributable to its executive director Melinda Paras.

What could more underscore the wrongness of the President's action than the fact that he, himself, felt a need to sign DOMA under the cover of night. On the one hand, the President made a statement against "discrimination, violence and intimidation", while, with the stroke of a pen, he codified unequal treatment of gay and lesbian families. We find such action hypocritical and take great offense at his endorsing this discriminatory measure. Discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in the law breeds violence against them in the street. The President's signing of DOMA into law will expand, not lessen, the climate of hate and intolerance that the right-wing architects of DOMA have fostered. The President has greatly disappointed the millions of Americans targeted by DOMA.

How ironic that the President endorses discrimination against gay people, when major corporations and local governments are turning the tide against such discrimination. The same week the President signed DOMA, IBM and the City of Denver recognized the needs of gay and lesbian families by deciding to extend domestic partnership benefits to its gay and lesbian employees. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force regrets that America has a President who seems more concerned with polls than people.

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