Pat Ballie to Receive Task Force Leather Leadership Award

January 08, 2014

WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 —The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has announced that Pat Baillie will receive the organization's Ninth Annual Leather Leadership Award at the Task Force's 26th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. Over 4,000 leaders and activists are expected to attend the conference, which will be held in Houston, January 29 to February 2.

"We are very proud to honor Pat's long dedication to and leadership in our movement," said Rea Carey, Task Force executive director. "Pat's exemplary career in the Air Force and as a rock-solid pillar of the leather community inspires all of us to do more, to do it better and to stay the course."

The award will recognize Baillie's more than three decades of leadership and activism within and on behalf of the leather community. Among many other achievements, she has been International Ms Leather (1995), a founder of LeatherWomen United, a Vice Chair of the National Leather Leadership Conference and in September (2013) became co-producer of the International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack Contest. See editors note for biography.

Baillie is the second woman to receive the prestigious award, which is accompanied by a $5,000 honorarium. Prior recipients include leather luminaries Guy Baldwin, Tony DeBlase, Hardy Haberman, Chuck Renslow, Dave Rhodes, Graylin Rose, Vi Johnson and Race Bannon.

“It’s a unique privilege to stand in front of thousands of LGBT activists and receive the Leather Leadership Award,” said Race Bannon, recipient of last year’s award. “It’s the nation’s oldest LGBT civil rights organization recognizing the contributions of the leather community to the larger movement for equality.”


Note to editors
Pat Baillie is a genderqueer leather boy born from California! After 12 years of Catholic school and retiring from the military, she learned to follow orders, respect authority and the value of service. After graduating from Cal State University, Northridge with an M.A. in Physical Education, Pat joined the Air Force in 1978. On her first assignment, she found the Phoenix Levi & Leather Club who showed her how to create communities through service and found the leather community. She retired in 1993 and roared out of the closet! On her day job, she has been an educator, government contractor and since 2008 has been the Director of Training & Professional Development at Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. On the community side, she was Ms San Jose Leather 1995, International Ms Leather (IMsL) 1995, co-president of Albuquerque Pride, and created LeatherWomen United (LWU) to work with local leather communities. She received the 1997 Pantheon Woman of the Year award, headed the 2007 Consent Counts National Survey and was Vice Chair of the National Leather Leadership Conference. She lives in Oakland with her Lady and partner, Sharrin and her leather family. In September, Pat & Sharrin, purchased the IMsL/International Ms Bootblack contest event where she hopes to continue supporting leather women through education, building leadership skills, and preserving women¹s leather history.

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