Photo Bank & Bios

Photo Bank

Welcome to the Task Force photo center. Here you'll find photos of Task Force spokespeople as well as photos from some of our recent events and activities. Downloaded photos for print must include the photo credit and the included caption. Release is given for one time, not-for-commercial use only.

Board of Directors Photo Gallery

Marsha Botzer, Board of Director
Marsha Botzer at Creating Change 2005
Low Resolution
Photo Credit: Linda Kliewer, Out and Out Productions

William Forrest, Board of Director Co-Chair
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Staff Photo Gallery and Biographies

Rea Carey Read Bio
Executive Director
--At the 2008 Los Angeles Leadership Awards High Resolution
Credit: Brian To,
--High Resolution 1
--High Resolution 2
--High Resolution 3

Russell Roybal Read Bio
Deputy Executive Director of External Relations
High Resolution

Darlene Nipper Read Bio
Deputy Executive Director
High Resolution

Sue Hyde Read Bio
Director of Creating Change Conference
Sue Hyde speaking at the Creating Change conference 2004. High Resolution Credit: Linda Kleiwer, Out and Out Productions

David Alexander Read Bio
Development Director
Low Resolution

Sarah Reece Read Bio
Director, Academy for Leadership and Action
--Low Resolution
--(L to R) Sarah Reece, Rodney McKenzie, and Rebecca Ahuja at the Texas Power Summit. High Resolution

Other Photos:

Task Force at immigration rally in New York City, April 2006

Hispanic/Latino Same-Sex Household study
Group Photo (924 kb)
Caption: Florida community advocates join National Gay and Lesbian Task Force leaders and the Wooley-Larrea family to launch Hispanic and Latino Same-Sex Households in Florida: A Report from the 2000 Census, a ground-breaking report revealing the strengths and political vulnerabilities of Hispanic/Latino same-sex families in Florida.
Back row (l-r): Herb Sosa, Executive Director, Unity Coalition of Florida/Coalicion Unidad de Florida; Jason Cianciotto, Co-author of the study and Research Director, The Task Force; Stratton Pollitzer, Organizer, Equality Florida
Front row (l-r): Maria Wooley-Larrea holding Amelia, Stephanie Wooley-Larrea holding Brennan in her arms and Tobie in front; Luis Lopez, co-author of Hispanic and Latino Same-Sex Households in Florida: A Report from the 2000 Census; Heddy Pe, Executive Director, SAVE Dade; Matt Foreman, Executive Director, The Task Force
Photo Credit: Frank Deleon

Wooley-Larrea Photo
Caption: Caption: Maria and Stephanie Wooley-Larrea describe their personal experiences and political struggles to protect their family and their children.
Photo (l-r): The Wooley-Larrea family: Stephanie holding Brennan, Maria, Amelia and Tobie.
Photo Credit: Frank Deleon

Wanda Alston
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Caption: Wanda Alston co-trained with the Task Force at the Ohio Power Summit in April 2003, was a lead volunteer who traveled with the us to Miami for the Sept. 2002 campaign and worked closely with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force over her many years of service to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.
Photo Credit: Rudy K Lawidjaja, Washington Blade Freelance Photographer