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September 23
Task Force marks the 10th Annual Celebrate Bisexuality Day
September 23
Task Force: Passage of Employment Non-Discrimination Act is critical
September 15
Task Force: 'Respect for Marriage Act' marks 'step toward closing an ugly chapter in our nation's history'
September 3
Task Force endorses National Equality March
August 26
Task Force builds LGBT political power from the ground up in Kalamazoo
August 26
Task Force: Sen. Edward Kennedy 'spent life fighting for justice'
August 21
Faith leaders hail Lutheran vote to allow ministers who are in committed same-sex relationships
August 20
NRLR applauds the passage of the Social Statement on Human Sexuality by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
August 20
Building LGBT Political Power in Kalamazoo
August 18
‘They Want Us Exterminated’