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August 12
Task Force Welcomes Federal Court Rejection of Key Components of New York City’s Racially-Based “Stop and Frisk” Policy
August 9
Task Force mourns the passing of Sean Sasser
August 8
Bayard Rustin, LGBT and Civil Rights Activist, Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom
August 7
Task Force Presents Record-Breaking Donation to the Miami Foundation’s GLBT Community Projects Fund
August 1
New study finds transgender people twice as likely to serve in military
July 31
Bipartisan Campaign Launched to Pass Employment Non-Discrimination Act
July 18
Faith leaders respond to Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) resolution welcoming LGBT people
July 18
Task Force Celebrates Confirmation of Thomas Perez as Labor Secretary
July 15
LGBT Rights Organizations Issue Open Letter: Trayvon Deserves Justice
July 10
Huge Victory in D.C.: City Council Modernizes Name and Gender Change Procedures and Creates Model for the Country