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July 13
Take Action: No cuts to Social Security
July 6
Task Force responds to federal court injunction immediately halting enforcement of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy
July 6
Connecticut governor signs transgender nondiscrimination bill
July 5
Another strike against DOMA
June 29
R.I. governor urged to veto civil unions bill over discriminatory amendment
June 29
Task Force donates $200,000 to The Miami Foundation’s GLBT Community Projects Fund
June 29
Task Force & National Coalition for LGBT Health applaud inclusion of sexual orientation & gender identity in HHS national survey
June 29
Task Force, HRC and UNID@S release guide on sexual orientation, gender identity and the Bible for Latino/a families and churches
June 27
In new policy position, American Medical Association makes case for ending marriage discrimination
June 24
Task Force hails New York Senate’s passage of marriage equality legislation