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June 4
Task Force applauds reintroduction of Student Non-Discrimination Act in U.S. Senate
June 3
Task Force deeply saddened by the death of social justice champion Lautenberg
June 3
This Pride month join the fight against HIV
May 30
Less than 24 hours to pass marriage equality in Illinois!
May 30
Unprecedented support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in U.S. Senate
May 29
Puerto Rico governor signs LGBT protections into law
May 24
Puerto Rico Legislature passes nondiscrimination bill protecting LGBT people
May 23
Task Force: ‘It’s time for a fully inclusive Boy Scouts of America’
May 21
Nation’s leading LGBT groups respond to Senate Judiciary Committee failure to consider UAFA
May 21
Task Force expresses disappointment in Senate Judiciary Committee’s failure to consider protections for same-sex binational couples in immigration reform bill