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September 8, 2014
Task Force Urges President Obama to Keep Promise of Providing Relief to Undocumented Immigrants
September 4, 2014
Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Marriage Equality Bans in Wisconsin and Indiana
August 22, 2014
Detroit Transgender Women Targeted in Possible Hate Crimes
August 21, 2014
Federal Court in Florida Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality
August 15, 2014
Task Force Calls for Thorough Probe into Possible Civil Rights Violations in Ferguson, Missouri
August 14, 2014
Task Force Celebrates Federal Court’s Ruling Expediting Marriage Equality in Virginia
August 8, 2014
Task Force Extremely Disappointed With Chattanooga Domestic Partnership Ballot Initiative Result
August 6, 2014
Task Force Applauds U.S. Sentencing Commission on New Guidelines for Sentencing Non-Violent Drug Offenders
August 5, 2014
Win for equality: effort to repeal Houston Human Rights Ordinance fails
August 4, 2014
Task Force signs Equality Michigan petition to change Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival position on transgender women