Task Force realWebinars: Fundraising Made Easy

The Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action presents
Task Force realWebinars: Fundraising Made Easy

Mickey MacIntyre of realChange Partners and the Task Force’s Russell Roybal count down to Creating Change Dallas with a fundraising Webinar triple Tuesday round up! Come as you are — board member, staff or volunteer — to three of realChange Partners most popular and effective “No-Dress-Code” realWebinars.

Join us Tuesdays at 2 p.m. EST over the next three weeks as we count down to Creating Change with these free Webinars:

Be the Ambassador! To Resource Your Mission?
Tuesday, January 12
2-3PM EST/11AM-Noon PST

You are one of the best things your organization has going for it. Get out there and be the ambassador and bring back those resources. We’ll share some of the skills and expertise used by talented pros and amateurs alike to go out into the community and represent your organization. We’ll discuss:

  • How Showing Up Isn't Enough — You've got to achieve more to be a successful ambassador… we'll tell you why.
  • Learning to C.A.R.E. is the Answer — A system that focuses on them.
  • Working a Room... Host or Guest? — How the pros make it seem effortless... at least 20 tips to being a great ambassador.

As an added bonus, we’ll share our own personal reading lists that taught us some of what we know.

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Fix Your Fundraising Events
Tuesday, January 19
2-3PM EST/11AM-Noon PST

Fundraising events are designed to bring substantial funding to your organization and help you support your mission over the long haul. Maximizing your fundraiser fête is a feat. Bring your favorite event or your new event idea and let’s check up on how you’re doing.

  • Are you doing the right event for the right people for the right reason?
  • Are you making the magic that leaves them wanting to give more?
  • Are you moving people through your events into life-long relationships with your organization?

We’ll finish up with five steps to becoming an event diva.

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Ask! People for Money Face-to-Face
Tuesday, January 26
2-3PM EST/11AM-Noon PST

Nothing can replace asking for money face-to-face for efficiency, effectiveness and pure pleasure. To see a donor make a gift that they never thought they could to an organization they really care about…well, it’s just plain the best work you can do and you make life-long friends for yourself and your organization.

  • Find out who gives money away. Turns out you know everyone you need to know.
  • Create your own prospect list. Start with 20 people and we’ll do the rest.
  • Discover the easy way to ask. There is no hard way, really!
  • Make rejection your friend. We’ll show you how “NO” will make your day.
  • Learn how diversity and fundraising are pals. We’ve got the answers and we’re ready to share.

Our “Keys of Acceptance” will help you become tops in your fundraising class. We won’t be able to stop you. You’ll be asking everyone you know.

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Join us for one, two or all three sessions. Simply click the link to each of the sessions you want to attend, answer a few short questions and we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail. Hold on to it. It has the unique login you’ll need to sign on your sessions.

About the presenters

Over the past 20 years, Mickey MacIntyre, president & CEO of realChange Partners, LLC, has provided training and consulting to board members and staff of local, regional and national nonprofit organizations. As co-director of the Gill Foundation, Mickey created The OutGiving Project, an $8 million national training and resource program to build better organizations and to educate donors. He is a former board chair of Equality Florida. Reach him at mickey@realchangepartners.com or on Facebook.

Russell Roybal is the Task Force’s deputy executive director of external relations, where he oversees the organization’s fundraising and communications work, including ensuring the Task Force is using its resources strategically to increase the visibility of issues of importance to the LGBT community. He is also the director of movement building for the Task Force, where he oversees the organization's capacity building and leadership development efforts.