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Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action
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The Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action is a long-term commitment to prepare leaders and potential leaders - primarily at the local and state-level to fill the staff, board, activist, and volunteer roles critical to our success as a movement. The Academy is an organization-wide program that provides a wide range of trainings throughout the year designed to strengthen skills and leadership of the entire LGBT community. Listed below are examples of the breadth and depth of Task Force Academy trainings. Come participate in these trainings and more at our annual Creating Change conference and other training events such as Power Summits.

Questions? Want to know when and if a training is being held in your area? Send an e-mail to: Academy@theTaskForce.org.

Capacity Building for LGBT Organizations

Ask! People for Money (And Your Board Too!)
This training will help you get past your concerns by learning where the money really comes from, why people give, and the very best way to make the ask.

Building Organizations that Build the Movement
Learn how to build the capacity of your organization while building the capacity, vibrancy and diversity of the movement.

Strategic Planning IS Fun!
Strategic planning for LGBT organizations and community groups. You leave this training with a concrete plan and the skills to keep evaluating and building your plan.

Building Boards that Build the Movement
Boards don’t need to be the stumbling blocks of organizations. They can and should lead the way. This session can be geared towards boards and/or ED’s.

Capacity Building For People of Color Led Organizations
Culture impacts organizational structure, planning and program work. This session is for People of Color led organizations looking at the development of their organization through the perspective of culture.


Movement and Community Building

Barriers to Collaboration Across Communities of Color
Skill building session about building bridges within and across LGBT communities of color along all lines of difference-including class, disability, skin color, gender identity, sexuality etc.

Challenging White Supremacy for White Allies
Skill building session for white allies committed to racial justice.


Organizing and Training

Volunteer Recruitment
When was the last time you had more than 100 constituents meet and lobby a legislator on an LGBT issue? Or had 100 or more volunteers go door-to-door to talk with voters? Never, you say? This workshop will give you the skills to recruit the large volunteer team you’ll need for effective political action.

Volunteer Retention
Once they sign up, how do you get them to show up and stay? This training will offer an in-depth look at how to get volunteers to actually show up when and where they’re supposed to and keep coming back.

Leadership Development
Ever feel like you’re the only one leading your organization? Have you struggled to mentor others to take on more? This track will help existing organizational leaders grow their skills at mentoring and developing new leaders from amidst staff, board, and volunteers. Participants will learn the theory and practice behind effective leadership supervision, training, and support.

Lobbying Elected Officials
Ever thought a legislator was a lost cause because of their past track-record on LGBT issues? Never say never again! In 2007 in Massachusetts, the LGBT community did the unthinkable: they convinced 75% of Massachusetts legislators to vote against sending a proposed anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment to the November 2008 ballot. Learn about the grassroots and grasstops organizing that made the difference!

Grassroots Fundraising
Have you ever felt like the $50,000 check that your organization needs was out of reach? Grassroots, low-dollar fundraising (under $1,000 per gift) is often an underutilized organizing tool. On the phone and in-person, raising small gifts from a large base of supporters quickly adds up faster than you can imagine.


Putting the "T" in LGBT

Full Inclusiveness: Taking Transgender Inclusion to the Next Level
Learn high level trans-inclusion issues such as creating written policies, dealing with resistance amongst LGB/allied leaders of the organization, addressing the health care needs of trans staff, understanding on a deeper level the internal conflict of the role of a trans ally, and getting over those final organizational barriers to transgender-inclusion.

Transgender Inclusion - How to Do It Well
Most LGB(T) groups have embraced transgender people and issues, but many groups have done so with incomplete results. Learn common principles that can help you fully integrate transgender people into your organizations mission, power structure, and work. Covering dos and don’ts, we will explain the different steps and levels of trans-inclusion, as well as the common barriers and plateaus that you will experience in what will be your organization’s successful journey to full transgender inclusion.


Putting Research to Work

Using the thinking: How research has a role to play in the fight for LGBT equality
Ever wonder what to do with that great policy report? Learn how to use the research of think tanks and academics to advance LGBT equality in your home community.