Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action

Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action

The Academy for Leadership and Action was created by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in 2008 in response to a shortage of qualified candidates to fill local, state and national positions of significant responsibility in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement. One of the Academy’s primary goals is to build a diverse pool of skilled leaders and activists and, as a result, we place great emphasis on developing strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations that are known as the best trainers in their fields across political and social justice movements.

The Academy has evolved significantly since its launch in 2008. In partnership with our colleagues across the Task Force, we have come to understand that a truly transformed society will mean that movements, communities, organizations and individuals need to be interdependent, interconnected and working to ensure that all individual and collective bodies are liberated. As a result, all of the work within the Academy for Leadership and Action will speak directly to this frame because our ultimate goal is to build movements, leaders and organizations that transform society.

The Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action serves as a primary leadership development opportunity for activists, while connecting them to a national LGBT social justice agenda grounded in Task Force values and standards. The Academy curriculum, developed by Task Force staff with input from key community organizations, leaders and activists will focus on the following themes:

The ability to develop and transform worldview
Activating key beliefs, values, convictions; elevating and promoting core themes in all we do; linking our issues to a broader agenda; shaping public debate and thinking; challenging and shaping the dominant worldview.

The ability to demonstrate radical welcome
Invitation, inclusion and re-invention of power structures at every level of organization, decision making, partnerships, and coalitions.

The ability to build capacity and infrastructure
Base building, organizing, fundraising, leadership development, creation and growth of strategic alliances, coalition unity.

The ability to make immediate political change
Organizing in electoral and legislative campaigns, policy change, direct action, mass mobilization.

If you have any questions, or need would like more information about what the Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action can help you or your organization, send an e-mail to Academy@theTaskForce.org.