Racial & Economic Justice


Racial & Economic Justice

Racial and economic justice is a cornerstone in the work of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. In 2009, legendary labor leader Dolores Huerta gave a rousing and moving speech at the 21st National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change in which she urged the labor, race and LGBT movements to work together for a better tomorrow. Watch the full speech below.

Why It Matters:

Like others, the LGBT movement has often avoided developing an agenda that reflects the policy concerns of people of color and low-income people of all races. It has focused — often out of necessity — on securing nondiscrimination protections, family recognition, hate crimes laws and AIDS prevention and treatment. It has not systematically addressed economic disparities within our community or the particular experiences of LGBT people of color. This must happen in order to truly build and advance a progressive movement.

What We’re Doing:

The Task Force leads national efforts to address issues of racial and economic justice within the LGBT community:

  • Our Policy Institute has generated research and resources addressing the particular experiences and policy concerns of LGBT people of color and low-income LGBT people. In January 2009, the Task Force released an in-depth analysis of the California Proposition 8 vote that debunked myths about the African-American vote on marriage equality.
  • Racial and economic justice issues are a main focus of Creating Change, the largest annual gathering of LGBT rights advocates in the nation.
  • The Task Force speaks out forcefully on immigration and racial and economic justice issues.
  • We work in coalition with other groups and individuals advocating for racial and economic justice, and sponsor Naming Our Destiny trainings.