NY Leadership Awards 2007 - Photos

NY Leadership Awards 2007
Photo Gallery

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All photos by Rudy K Photography, www.rudykphotography.com/

Martin & Linda Adler, event co-chair Jeff Adler’s parents.

Greg Cherry & Ira Hart, friends of board member and event co-chair Paula Redd Zeman.

Janet Weinberg, senior managing director of development & legislative funding for Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) and Dr. Marjorie Hill, event sponsor and executive director of GMHC.

Vivian Todini, event sponsor Friedrike Merck, Urvashi Vaid & emcee Kate Clinton.

Event sponsors James Vinett & James Garbus enjoy the VIP reception.

Honoree Steven Goldstein, chair and CEO of Garden State Equality.

Chris Pennock and event sponsors David Hollander and Henry van Ameringen.

Members of the Imperial Court of New York: their Imperial Majesties Dowager Empress XX Gefil Tefish and Dowager Emperor XV Fantasia and Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Majesty Empress XXI B, the reigning Empress of New York.

Christian Henning, Brother in the New York Boys of Leather with Bruce Marcus and Bruce’s partner Devin MacLachan.

The Rev. James A. Forbes Jr., senior minister of New York’s Riverside Church, accepts the Leadership Award on behalf of U.S. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.).

Kerry Eleveld and Andi Friedman, who work at that fabulous magazine, The Advocate.