Throw Your Own Oscar Party

Oscar Party

The Oscars are a great time to gather your friends to have a good time and reflect on how far we’ve come towards social justice and equality in this country, and how much further we still have to go.

Movies like “Lincoln," “Beasts of the Southern Wild," “The Color Purple," “Boys Don’t Cry," and “Paris is Burning” have exposed millions of Americans everywhere to issues that they may never have thought of otherwise, helping to change hearts and minds.

That’s why the Task Force encourages you to host your own Oscar Party.

Download your own Task Force Oscar Party Kit to get started.

We’ve provided some snack and cocktail recipes, movie trivia to test your guests’ skills at pop culture, and our very own Oscar Bingo. You'll also find a donation form so you can easily ask your friends to make a contribution to the Task Force.

And while you’re entertaining your guests, remind them of the many films that are dear to you that are a celebration of our world, our diversity and our spirit.