What do you want me to tell the president?

Share your voice!

What do you want me to tell the president?

Given the chance, what would you say to the president? What would you ask? What story would you want told to let the president know how you feel? Let me know, and I’ll deliver your message on Monday.

That afternoon, President Obama is hosting a reception commemorating Pride month — the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, the 1969 Greenwich Village demonstrations that gave birth to the modern LGBT rights movement. I am attending so I can represent our community’s resilience and unwillingness to accept anything less than full equality — because we must give voice to what we are fighting for each and every day.

I will be armed with the stories of the drag queens and people of color, of the gay, transgender, lesbian and bi people who joined together to say “enough!” to police brutality and continued protesting and marching and sparking social change from that June night forward.

I will remember those activists who courageously came out long before Stonewall who laid the foundation for our journey toward equality.

And I will bring the voices of all of you who demand the fundamental right to marry the person we love, to openly serve and protect their country, to perform our jobs in a workplace free of discrimination, and to be seen as part of what makes our communities strong across the country.

I will honor my friends who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS and cancer, and all those in our community who are uninsured, underinsured or encounter additional barriers in our broken health care system because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. These are the stories that must be told as the president and Congress work on health care reform.

With the power of your words, your anger and your hope behind us, the Task Force will press this administration and other decision-makers on Monday and at every turn as we work to create the changes that will improve the lives of LGBT people. We will advocate, we will push — and we will not walk away until we win.

So, make your voice be heard now — tell me what you’d like the president to know, click here.

Thank you for lending me your voice.

Rea Carey,
Executive Director,
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force