New York state marriage call-in day TODAY — It's time to act!

Posted on behalf of Empire State Pride Agenda

New York state marriage call-in day TODAY — It's time to act!

Today, Monday, June 8, is the Statewide Marriage Call-In Day. The New York marriage equality bill has been passed by the Assembly, and it's now time for the state senate to vote on the bill.

We need you to get on the phone today to call your state senator and tell them that you want them to support and pass the marriage bill NOW. Tomorrow, anti-marriage forces from the religious right will be lobbying in Albany against our rights. We need to make sure that your senator hears from you so that opposition voices aren't the only ones being heard — we're in the final stretch and it is vital that they hear from you today.

Talking Points:

    1. Click here to find your senator's Albany phone number. Call their office today to tell them that the time is now to extend the protections of marriage to same-sex couples and their families.

    2. Remember to give them the number of the marriage bill (S.4401).

    3. Ask your senator if they support the marriage bill.

If they say yes, thank them and ask them to please advocate with their colleagues to do the same and with the Senate majority leadership to bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

If they say no or that they are undecided, ask them to consider the 1,324 rights and responsibilities of marriage that are denied of loving same-sex couples and their families. Tell them that LGBT families should not have to wait any longer for access to the protections of marriage, and that this issue is extremely important to you.

Working together, we can make this happen! Start making those phone calls now!