Focus on Staff

Welcome to our feature, Focus on Staff, that will give you some insight into what our very hard-working staff does in their spare time.

June 2012

Russell Roybal
Deputy Executive Director of External Relations

Russell loves to be entertained, although truth be told he really loves to be the one entertaining and serving ovahness — whether at a fundraiser helping support Pride celebrations this month as his alter ego Shotzi Tequila, or walking in a house ball as the Mother of the House of Tequila.

This month, Russell recommends watching his favorite queer film ever…one he describes as the most important queer film EVER made – Paris is Burning. The film, by the amazing Jennie Livingston, tells the story of the Ball Scene in New York City. “What I love most about the film, besides all the throwing of shade, is that it documents a distinctly queer, and distinctly queer people of color art form,” says Mother Tequila. Every lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender person and those allies should see this film, it is that important. “Madonna didn’t give birth to vogueing,“ he says. “It was the legendary children of the Ball Scene…and they continue to serve it to this day. The children, my darling, are living.”