Board Biography: Paula Redd Zeman

Paula Redd Zeman

Paula Redd Zeman
Commissioner of Human Resources
Westchester County Government
Mamaroneck, NY

Paula Redd Zeman is Commissioner of Human Resources for Westchester County with jurisdiction over 35,000 public employees. She has been chief-of-staff and first vice-chair of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, and a Presidential elector as a member of the Electoral College in 1996. Paula has served on the boards of numerous organizations including the Westchester Arts Council, the Harriman Society, and as Vice-Chair of the Empire State Pride Agenda. She has served as co-chair of the Task Force Foundation and as chair of the Task Force Action Fund as well as a co-chair of the Task Force’s New York Leadership Awards.


Last Updated: 9-29-09

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